Garter stall plate

Garter stall plates are small enamelled brass plates located in St George's Chapel displaying the names and arms of the Knights of the Garter. Each knight is allotted a stall in St George's Chapel and the stall plate is affixed to his personal stall. His successor knight in that stall adds his own stall plate and thus a fairly complete series of stall plates survives for the successive occupants of each stall. Many other ancient European Orders of Chivalry use similar stall plates in the home church or other building of their order.

Garter stall plate of Henry Bourchier, 2nd Earl of Essex (d.1540), nominated 1499, showing his name, titles and heraldic achievement
Stalls of Knights of the Garter in St George's Chapel. The Garter stall plates are visible affixed to the rear panelling of each stall

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