Gary Raikes

Gary Raikes (born 10 August 1958 in Bristol)[1] is the leader of the New British Union (NBU),[2] a fascist revival of Sir Oswald Mosley's British Union of Fascists. [3] He was previously the leader in Scotland of the British National Party (BNP) and then Britain First.[4]

Gairy Raikes
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British National Party (formerly)
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In the 2007 Scottish elections, Raikes was a BNP candidate in the North East Scotland region.[1]

Raikes was the BNP's prospective candidate for East Renfrewshire for the 2010 general election. When the BNP decided not to contest the seat,[5] he stood in Aberdeenshire West & Kincardine instead, receiving 513 votes (1.1%).[6]

Raikes' NBU was formed in 2013. He has stated on YouTube that the NBU does not intend to seek power through the ballot box, but would adapt to the conditions around it and maintain its fascist purity. Its constitution says that the NBU aims to be a registered political party[7] but, by 2018, it had not registered with the Electoral Commission.

The party expounds a number of fascist policies and supports fascist groups such as Golden Dawn in Greece. It took part in a rally outside the Greek Embassy in London in support of Golden Dawn. It has few members, and has been accused of appointing to regional officer posts people who were not members or supporters. Raikes has been photographed dressed in full fascist uniform and members are encouraged to dress in Blackshirt style uniforms.[8]

Elections contested

Scottish Parliament election

Date of electionConstituencyPartyVotes %
2007North East ScotlandBNP2,7641.1[1]

UK general elections

Date of electionConstituencyPartyVotes %
2010Aberdeenshire West & KincardineBNP5131.1[6]


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