Gaspard Bauhin

Gaspard Bauhin or Caspar Bauhin (Latin: Casparus Bauhinus; 17 January 1560 – 5 December 1624), was a Swiss botanist whose Pinax theatri botanici (1623) described thousands of plants and classified them in a manner that draws comparisons to the later binomial nomenclature of Linnaeus. He was a disciple of the famous Italian physician Girolamo Mercuriale and he also worked on human anatomical nomenclature.

Gaspard Bauhin
Born17 January 1560
Basel, Switzerland
Died5 December 1624(1624-12-05) (aged 64)
Basel, Switzerland
Other namesCaspar Bauhin; Casparus Bauhinus
Alma materUniversity of Basel (M.D., 1581)
Known forPinax theatri botanici
Scientific career
Notable studentsEmmanuel Stupanus
Author abbrev. (botany)C.Bauhin

Linnaeus honored the Bauhin brothers Gaspard and Jean in the genus name Bauhinia.[1]

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