Municipalities of Switzerland

Municipalities (German: Gemeinden, Einwohnergemeinden or politische Gemeinden; French: communes; Italian: comuni; Romansh: vischnancas) are the lowest level of administrative division in Switzerland. Each municipality is part of one of the Swiss cantons, which form the Swiss Confederation. In most cantons municipalities are also part of districts or other sub-cantonal administrative divisions.

Municipalities of Switzerland
Map of Switzerland showing cantonal, districts and municipal boundaries (April 2021)
Found inCanton or District
Number2,212 (as of 2019)

There are 2,212 municipalities as of January 2019.[1] Their populations range between several hundred thousand (Zürich), and a few dozen people (Bister), and their territory between 0.32 km² (Kaiserstuhl and Rivaz) and 439 km² (Scuol).