General Punctuation

General Punctuation is a Unicode block containing punctuation, spacing, and formatting characters for use with all scripts and writing systems. Included are the defined-width spaces, joining formats, directional formats, smart quotes, archaic and novel punctuation such as the interrobang, and invisible mathematical operators.

General Punctuation
(112 code points)
ScriptsCommon (109 char.)
Inherited (2 char.)
Symbol setsPunctuation
Format controls
Assigned111 code points
Unused1 reserved code points
6 deprecated
Unicode version history
1.0.0 (1991)67 (+67)
1.1 (1993)76 (+9)
3.0 (1999)83 (+7)
3.2 (2002)95 (+12)
4.0 (2003)97 (+2)
4.1 (2005)106 (+9)
5.1 (2008)107 (+1)
6.3 (2013)111 (+4)
Code chart
Note: [1][2]

Additional punctuation characters are in the Supplemental Punctuation block and sprinkled in dozens of other Unicode blocks.

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