Georgios Tsitas

Georgios Tsitas (1872 1940s) was a Greek wrestler. He competed at the 1896 Summer Olympics in Athens.[1]

Georgios Tsitas

Georgios Tsitas (right) with Carl Schuhmann
Medal record
Men's Wrestling
Representing  Greece
Olympic Games
1896 Athens Greco-Roman

In the first round of the wrestling competition, held in a roughly Greco-Roman format, Tsitas had a bye to guarantee a top three finish before he even had a match. The semifinal pitted Tsitas against fellow Greek Stephanos Christopoulos. Tsitas won the match by throwing Christopoulos. In the final, Tsitas wrestled with Carl Schuhmann of Germany, an exceptional gymnast, for 40 minutes before the match was postponed due to darkness. Tsitas did not last long the following day, being defeated to finish in second place.


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