German Army (German Empire)

The Imperial German Army (German: Kaiserlich Deutsches Heer) was the unified ground and air force of the German Empire, and was established in 1871 with the political unification of Germany under the leadership of Prussia, and was dissolved in 1919, after the defeat of the German Empire in First World War (1914–1918). In the Federal Republic of Germany, the term Deutsches Heer identifies the German Army, the land component of the Bundeswehr.

German Army
Kaiserlich Deutsches Heer
The Kaiserstandarte
Country German Empire
TypeArmy and Air Force
RoleProtecting the German Empire and its interests by using ground and air forces.
Size500,000 (1871)
3,800,000 (1914)
13,250,000+ (1914-1918)
Motto(s)"Gott mit uns" (God with us)
ColorsBlack, white, and red
EmperorWilhelm I
Friedrich III
Wilhelm II
Supreme Army CommanderMoltke the Younger (first)
Paul von Hindenburg (last)
Chief of the General StaffMoltke the Elder (first)
Hans von Seeckt (last)