German People's Party

The German People's Party (German: Deutsche Volkspartei, DVP) was a national liberal party in Weimar Germany and a successor to the National Liberal Party of the German Empire. A right-wing liberal[9][10] or conservative-liberal[6][11][12] party, its most famous member was Chancellor and Foreign Minister Gustav Stresemann, a 1926 Nobel Peace Prize laureate.

German People's Party
Deutsche Volkspartei
LeaderGustav Stresemann
Founded15 December 1918; 102 years ago (15 December 1918)
Dissolved4 July 1933; 88 years ago (4 July 1933)
Preceded byNational Liberal Party
Free Conservative Party (Moderate Elements)
Merged intoFree Democratic Party
(not legal successor)
Membership (1920)800,000[1]
IdeologyNational liberalism[2][3][4]
Civic nationalism[5]
Conservative liberalism[6]
Constitutional monarchism[7]
Economic liberalism[8][5]
Political positionCentre-right (before 1929)
Right-wing (after 1929)
Colors  Azure (customary)
  Black   White   Red (imperial colors)