Germanus (cousin of Justinian I)

Germanus (Greek: Γερμανός; died 550) was an East Roman (Byzantine) general, one of the leading commanders of Emperor Justinian I (r. 527–565). Germanus was Emperor Justinian's cousin, and a member of the ruling dynasty. He held commands in Thrace, North Africa, and the East against Persia, and was slated to command the final Byzantine expedition against the Ostrogoths. Having married into the Gothic Amal royal line through his second wife Matasuntha and a distinguished service record, at the time of his sudden death, he was considered the probable heir to Emperor Justinian.

AllegianceByzantine Empire
Rankmagister militum
RelationsJustinian I (cousin)
Boraides and Justus (brothers)
Justin and Justinian (sons)
John (son-in-law)