Gertrude of Brunswick

Gertrud of Brunswick (German: Gertrud von Braunschweig; c.1060 – 9 December 1117)[1][2] was Countess of Katlenburg by marriage to Dietrich II, Count of Katlenburg, Margravine of Frisia by marriage to Henry, Margrave of Frisia, and Margravine of Meissen by marriage to margrave Henry I. She served as regent of the County of Katlenburg during the minority of her son Dietrich III of Katlenburg, and as regent of the County of Northeim during the minority of her son Otto III of Northeim. She was also one of the leaders of the insurrections against Emperor Henry IV and his son Henry V.

Gertrude of Brunswick
Margravine of Meissen
Bornc. 1060
Died9 December 1117 (aged 5657)
BuriedBrunswick Cathedral
Noble familyBrunonids (by birth)
House of Nordheim (by marriage)
House of Wettin (by marriage)
Spouse(s)Dietrich II, Count of Katlenburg
Henry, Margrave of Frisia
Henry I, Margrave of the Saxon Ostmark
IssueDietrich III of Katlenburg
Richenza of Northeim
Otto III of Northeim
Henry II, Margrave of Meissen
Gertrude of Northeim
FatherEgbert I, Margrave of Meissen
MotherImmilla of Turin

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