2015 Gibraltar general election

The Gibraltar general election of 2015 to elect all 17 members to the 3rd Gibraltar Parliament took place on Thursday, 26 November 2015. Chief Minister Fabian Picardo announced the date of the election on Monday 19 October 2015 during a speech on the Gibraltar Broadcasting Corporation.[2]

2015 Gibraltar general election

 2011 26 November 2015 2019 

17 seats to the Gibraltar Parliament
9 seats needed for a majority
  First party Second party
Leader Fabian Picardo Daniel Feetham
Party Socialist Labour Social Democrats
Alliance GSLP–Liberal -
Leader since 2011 2013
Last election 10 seats, 48.9%[1] 7 seats, 46.8%[1]
Seats won 10 7
Seat change
Popular vote 100,950 46,545
Percentage 68.4% 31.6%
Swing 19.6% 15.2%

Chief Minister before election

Fabian Picardo
Socialist Labour

Elected Chief Minister

Fabian Picardo
Socialist Labour


Under section 38(2) of the Gibraltar Constitution Order 2006, the parliament must be dissolved by the Governor four years after its first meeting following the last election (unless the Chief Minister advises the Governor to dissolve parliament sooner). Under section 37 of the Constitution, writs for a general election must be issued within thirty days of the dissolution and the general election must then be held no later than three months after the issuing of a writ.[3][4] In October 2015, Chief Minister Fabian Picardo announced that the election would take place on 26 November. Following the British tradition, elections in Gibraltar conventionally take place on a Thursday.


The UK-based UK Independence Party announced in 2014 that it was planning on fielding candidates for the first time in Gibraltar's next general election.[5][6] However, ultimately they did not field any candidates. There were also no independents, the first occasion on which no independents or members of any party outside of Parliament contested the elections.

Opinion polls

A GBC public opinion poll of 17 November predicted 67% for GSLP/Libs and 33% for GSD.[7]


The results saw the first occasion on which a party won over 100,000. Both the GSLP and LPG received more votes in the elections than in any other previous general elections, with the LPG receiving the highest percentage of votes in its history. Contrastingly, the GSD saw the largest drop in its vote share in its history. Voter turnout (70.77%) was the lowest since 1980.

Party Votes % +/– Seats % +/–
Alliance Gibraltar Socialist Labour Party70,55147.8+13.6741.2±0
Liberal Party of Gibraltar30,39920.6+6.0317.6±0
Total Alliance100,95068.4+19.61058.8±0
Gibraltar Social Democrats46,54531.6-15.2741.2±0
Valid votes15,57894.6
Invalid/blank votes8975.4
Total votes cast16,475100
Registered voters/turnout23,27870.8
Source: Parliament of Gibraltar

The figures above have been consolidated by party. Under the Gibraltar electoral system, all candidates are listed on the ballot paper individually. Every voter has up to 10 votes to vote for their choice from all the candidates standing. Accordingly, although there are more seats available, the main parties field 10 candidates and hope to secure 'block votes'. Thus the total of 147,495 votes comes from 16,475 voters, a 70.8% turnout of the electorate.

By candidate

Candidate Party Votes Notes
Fabian PicardoGSLP10,852Elected
Joseph GarciaLPG10,661Elected
John CortesGSLP10,529Elected
Gilbert LicudiGSLP10,379Elected
Albert IsolaGSLP10,313Elected
Neil CostaLPG10,048Elected
Samantha SacramentoGSLP9,822Elected
Steven LinaresLPG9,690Elected
Paul BalbanGSLP9,511Elected
Joseph BossanoGSLP9,145Elected
Daniel FeethamGSD5,054Elected
Marlene Hassan NahonGSD4,892Elected
Elliott PhillipsGSD4,784Elected
Edwin ReyesGSD4,766Elected
Roy ClintonGSD4,733Elected
Trevor HammondGSD4,578Elected
Lawrence LlamasGSD4,565Elected
Robert VasquezGSD4,535
Christopher WhiteGSD4,324
Kim Karnani-SantosGSD4,314
Source: Parliament of Gibraltar


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