Giles of Rome

Giles of Rome O.S.A. (Latin: Aegidius Romanus; Italian: Egidio Colonna; c. 1243 22 December 1316), was a Medieval philosopher and Scholastic theologian and a friar of the Order of St Augustine, who was also appointed to the positions of Prior General of his Order and as Archbishop of Bourges. He is famed as being a logician, producing a commentary on the Organon by Aristotle, and for his authorship of two important works, De Ecclesiastica Potestate, a major text of early 14th century Papalism, and De Regimine Principum, a guide book for Christian temporal leadership. Giles was styled Doctor Fundatissimus ("Best-Grounded Teacher") by Pope Benedict XIV.

Egidio Colonna
Giles of Rome
Died(1316-12-22)22 December 1316
EraMedieval philosophy
RegionWestern philosophy
Main interests
Metaphysics, Logic, Epistemology, Natural Philosophy, Medicine, Ethics, Political philosophy

Writers in 14th and 15th century England such as John Trevisa and Thomas Hoccleve translated or adapted him into English.