Giovanni Alfonso Borelli

Giovanni Alfonso Borelli (Italian pronunciation: [dʒoˈvanni alˈfɔnso boˈrɛlli]; 28 January 1608 – 31 December 1679) was a Renaissance Italian physiologist, physicist, and mathematician. He contributed to the modern principle of scientific investigation by continuing Galileo's practice of testing hypotheses against observation. Trained in mathematics, Borelli also made extensive studies of Jupiter's moons, the mechanics of animal locomotion and, in microscopy, of the constituents of blood. He also used microscopy to investigate the stomatal movement of plants, and undertook studies in medicine and geology. During his career, he enjoyed the patronage of Queen Christina of Sweden.

Giovanni Alfonso Borelli
Born(1608-01-28)28 January 1608
Naples, Italy
Died31 December 1679(1679-12-31) (aged 71)
Rome, Italy
Scientific career
FieldsPhysiologist, physicist, mathematician
Academic advisorsBenedetto Castelli
Notable studentsMarcello Malpighi

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