Glasgow Cup

The Glasgow Cup is a football tournament open to teams from Glasgow, Scotland. Operated by the Glasgow Football Association, it was competed for annually by senior Glasgow clubs from 1887 until 1989. It is now (since the 2019–20 amended rules)[1] competed for between the senior teams of Clyde, Partick Thistle and Queen's Park and the youth teams of Celtic and Rangers, and has used both knockout and round robin formats to determine the finalists.

Glasgow Cup
Organising bodyGlasgow Football Association
Number of teams5
Current championsCeltic (2019)

The cup was dominated by the city's Old Firm rivals, Rangers and Celtic, who won the competition 44 times and 29 times respectively (including one shared win) while it was a senior competition.[2] Only five times did the final not feature either Rangers or Celtic (1889, 1915, 1946, 1947 and 1989). The advent of European football led to the Glasgow Cup becoming less valued, and the tournament did not take place at all or was not finished several times in its later years. Since it was reinstated for youth teams, Rangers have won a further 13 editions, ahead of Celtic with 11 (following the 2019 final).[2]

The Glasgow Cup should not be confused with the Scottish Youth Cup, which is open to youth sections of clubs across Scotland but has featured a Celtic v Rangers final nine times since its inception in 1983, often played within a few weeks of the Glasgow Cup final.[3]


1904 Third Lanark squad photo with the Glasgow Cup - they would end the season as Scottish champions

The Glasgow Football Association Cup was once seen as an important competition, on a par with the League or the Scottish Cup. It was contested by the senior clubs in the Glasgow area, with the winners receiving a globular silver trophy. The competition was dominated by the old rivals of Celtic and Rangers, but the others, Clyde, Partick Thistle, Queen's Park and the now defunct Third Lanark all enjoyed relative success.[4]

The competition's status diminished after World War II, with European competitions seeming more attractive and important, and the nationwide Scottish League Cup providing a new distraction for clubs and supporters and a rival for fixture dates. The competition was normally played early in the season, until 1960.[4] After the demise of the similar Glasgow Merchants Charity Cup, the Glasgow Cup fixtures would be put in any available space with the final being played at the end of the season.[4]

After 1971 the Glasgow Cup was not played until it was re-introduced for the 197475 season, but it was generally seen as unappealing, and was even left incomplete on occasion; otherwise the final was often held over until the beginning of the following season.[4] In the event of a Celtic v Rangers final, both would still usually put out full-strength first teams. This remained the case up to 1986 when a crowd of over 40,000 saw Rangers take the trophy with a 32 win over Scottish champions Celtic, courtesy of an Ally McCoist hat-trick, to give manager Graeme Souness his first trophy days after taking charge.[5] After that, it essentially became a reserve team tournament.[4] Rangers retained the trophy the following season in another old rivals final; only 15,000 were there to watch what were effectively two reserve teams. The following season's contest was never completed. Officially there were no suitable dates available to fit in ties; in reality, the competition had become irrelevant. In 1988 the competition was abandoned, and the final edition was played out in 1989 with Partick Thistle becoming the final winners of the competition in its original format.[4]

The Glasgow Cup was subsequently relaunched in 1990 as an Under-19 tournament competed for by the youth teams of Celtic, Clyde, Partick Thistle, Queen's Park and Rangers. It then became an Under-17 tournament in 2008, competed for by the same teams as previously (although Clyde, once based in Rutherglen on the city boundary, had since relocated to Cumbernauld some distance outside Glasgow).[4][6]

From the 2019 competition, the age limit was raised to Under-20,[4] with several players involved in the Celtic v Rangers final that year having already featured for the clubs' senior teams in domestic and European competitions;[7] the match itself, played at Celtic Park, did not involve any public ticket sales due to concerns regarding spectator disorder as had occurred in previous years.[8][9]

The format was changed again for 2020, with the Old Firm clubs now fielding under-21s plus two overage players, and the other three clubs using their first teams with two trialists, in a home-and-away league basis followed by a final between the top two.[1] In the opening round of fixtures, Clyde's 50-year-old manager Danny Lennon drew attention in the media when he brought himself on as a substitute in a win over Celtic's 'colts'.[10]



(R) Replay
(SR) Second Replay
Year[2][11] Winners Score Runners-up Attendance
Senior competition
1888–89[12][13]Queen's Park8–0Partick Thistle6,000
1889–90[14]Queen's Park3–2Celtic12,000
1890–91Celtic4–0Third Lanark
1895–96Celtic6–3Queen's Park
1896–97 (R)Rangers2–1Celtic
1897–98[19][20]Rangers4–0Queen's Park15,000
1898–99[21][22]Queen's Park1–0Rangers16,000
1899–1900 (R)[23]Rangers1–0Celtic12,000
1900–01Rangers3–1Partick Thistle
1901–02(R)RangersW/O[note 1]CelticN/A
1902–03[27]Third Lanark3–0Celtic20,000
1903–04Third Lanark1–1Celtic20,000
1903–04 (R)[28]Third Lanark1–0Celtic16,000
1905–06[30][31]Celtic3–0Third Lanark22,000
1906–07[32][33]Celtic3–2Third Lanark40,000
1907–08 (R)Celtic0–0Rangers
1907–08 (SR)[35]Celtic2–1Rangers56,000
1908–09Third Lanark1–1Celtic22,000
1908–09 (R)Third Lanark2–2Celtic26,000
1908–09 (SR)[36]Third Lanark4–0Celtic17,000
1911–12[39]Rangers1–0Partick Thistle57,000
1913–14[41]Rangers3–0Third Lanark50,000
1914–15[42]Clyde1–1Partick Thistle25,000
1914–15 (R)[43]Clyde1–0Partick Thistle13,000
1917–18[46]Rangers4–1Partick Thistle45,000
1919–20[48]Celtic1–0Partick Thistle45,000
1922–23 (R)[51]Rangers1–0Clyde25,000
1923–24[52]Rangers3–1Third Lanark25,000
1928–29Celtic2–0Queen's Park
1929–30 (R)[56]Rangers4–0Celtic41,500
1931–32[57]Rangers3–0Queen's Park50,000
1932–33[58]Rangers1–0Partick Thistle35,000
1934–35[60]Partick Thistle1–0Rangers26,000
1936–37Rangers2–2Partick Thistle
1936–37 (R)Rangers6–1Partick Thistle
1937–38Rangers2–1Third Lanark
1939–40[63]Rangers3–1Queen's Park15,000
1942–43Rangers5–2Third Lanark
1945–46[68]Queen's Park2–0Clyde40,000
1946–47[69]Clyde2–1Third Lanark30,000
1947–48Rangers4–1Third Lanark
1948–49[70]Celtic3–1Third Lanark87,000
1949–50 (R)[72]Rangers2–1Clyde40,000
1950–51Partick Thistle1–1Celtic
1950–51 (R)[73]Partick Thistle3–2Celtic51,300
1952–53[74]Partick Thistle3–1Rangers44,000
1953–54[75]Rangers3–0Third Lanark35,807
1954–55[76]Partick Thistle2–0Rangers40,000
1955–56 (R)[78]Celtic5–3Rangers39,000
1957–58Rangers1–1Third Lanark
1957–58 (R)Rangers4–2Third Lanark
1958–59 (R)[80]Clyde1–0Rangers
1959–60Rangers2–1Partick Thistle
1960–61[81]Partick Thistle2–0Celtic
1961–62[82]Celtic1–1Third Lanark
1961–62 (R)[83]Celtic3–2Third Lanark12,000
1962–63[84]Third Lanark2–1Celtic
1964–65[86]Celtic5–0Queen's Park17,051
1965–66Not completed
1966–67[87][88]Celtic4–0Partick Thistle31,000
1968–69Rangers3–2Partick Thistle
1971–72No competition
1974–75Rangers 2–2 Celtic (shared)[91]70,000
1976–77 Not completed
1977–78 No competition
1979–80Not completed[96]
1980–81[97]Partick Thistle1–0Celtic5,000
1983–84No competition
1984–85[98]Rangers5–0Queen's Park3,584
1987–88Not completed
1988–89[99][100]Partick Thistle2–0Clyde
Under–19 competition
1990–91[101]Celtic3–2Partick Thistle
1996–97Celtic5–0Partick Thistle
(3–0 pens.)
2000–01Not completed
2001–02 No competition
2004–05Not completed
2005–06No competition
Under–17 competition
2007–08[105][106] Celtic 3–1 Rangers
2008–09[107][108] Rangers 2–1 Celtic
2009–10[109] Rangers 2–1 Celtic
2010–11[110] Celtic 1–0 Rangers
2011–12[111]Rangers 1–1
(4–2 pens.)
2012–13[8]Rangers 3–2 Celtic
2013–14[112][9]Celtic 1–0 Rangers
2014–15[113]Celtic 2–0 Rangers
2015–16[114]Celtic 4–0 Rangers
2016–17[115]Celtic 2–1 Rangers
Under–20 competition
Under–21 / Senior competition
2019–20 Not completed
2020–21 No competition

Performance by club

Senior competition

(93 finals played including one walkover win and one shared title)

Club[2] Wins Last win Runners-up Last final lost
Rangers 44[note 2] 1987 18 1982
Celtic 29[note 3] 1982 27[note 4] 1987
Partick Thistle 7 1989 11 1969
Clyde 5 1959 15 1989
Third Lanark 4 1963 13 1962
Queen's Park 4 1946 7 1985
Cambuslang 1 1888
Cowlairs 1 1894

Youth competition

(24 finals played)

As of 1 May 2019
Club[2] Wins Last win Runners-up Last final lost
Rangers youths 13[note 5] 2018 9 2019
Celtic youths 11[note 6] 2019 13 2018
Partick Thistle youths 2 1997


  1. Rangers were awarded the cup as Celtic declined to replay at Ibrox Park, with the first match having also been played there.[25][26]
  2. Includes one walkover in 1902 and one title shared in 1975 with Celtic.
  3. Includes one title shared in 1975 with Rangers.
  4. Includes one walkover 'defeat' in 1902.
  5. Includes eight titles won by Rangers U-19s and five titles won by Rangers U-17s.
  6. Includes one title won by Celtic U-20s, four titles won by Celtic U-19s and six titles won by Celtic U-17s.

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