Glen Scotia distillery

Glen Scotia distillery or sometimes affectionately known as The Scotia or Old Scotia is a distillery that is a producer of single malt Scotch whisky. The distillery was founded in 1832 and is one of just three distilleries left in Campbeltown, the smallest whisky region.[1]

Glen Scotia distillery
Region: Campbeltown
OwnerLoch Lomond Group
Water sourceCrosshill Loch
No. of stills1 wash (16,000 L),
1 spirit (12,000 L)[2]
Capacity600,000 litres
Glen Scotia
Age(s)Double Cask 46% ABV

15 Year Old 46% ABV

Victoriana 52.2% ABV

18 Year Old 46% ABV

25 Year Old 48.8%
Glen Scotia Victoriana Single Malt
Glen Scotia Victoriana Single Malt

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