Godfrey I, Count of Louvain

Godfrey I (Dutch: Godfried, c. 1060 – 25 January 1139), called the Bearded, the Courageous, or the Great, was the Landgrave of Brabant, Count of Brussels and Leuven (Louvain) from 1095 to his death and Duke of Lower Lorraine from 1106 to 1129. He was also Margrave of Antwerp from 1106 to his death.

Godfrey I
Duke of Lower Lorraine
Landgraviate of Brabant
Count of Louvain
Count of Brussels
Effigy of Godfrey on his seal
Died25 January 1139 (aged 79)
BuriedAffligem Abbey
Noble familyReginar
Spouse(s)Ida of Chiny
Clementia of Bourgogne
FatherHenry II, Count of Louvain
MotherAdèle of Orthen (Verdun)