Goethe Prize

The Goethe Prize of the City of Frankfurt (German: Goethepreis der Stadt Frankfurt) is an award for achievement "worthy of honour in memory of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe" made by the city of Frankfurt am Main, Germany. It was usually an annual award until 1955, and thereafter has been triennial.[1] Following a decision of municipal authorities in 1952, the "Award of the Goethe Prize" only takes place every three years. Many recipients are authors, but persons working in several other creative and scientific fields have been honoured. The prize money is €50,000.[2]

Goethe Prize
Awarded forAchievement worthy of honour in memory of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Date1927 (1927)
LocationFrankfurt am Main
Reward(s)€50,000, certificate written on parchment

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