Government of National Unity (Hungary)

The Government of National Unity (Hungarian: Nemzeti Összefogás Kormánya)[6] existed during the occupation of Hungary by Nazi Germany between October 1944 and May 1945. Formed by the Nazi Arrow Cross Party, it was established on 16 October 1944[2][7] after Regent Miklós Horthy was removed from power during Operation "Panzerfaust" (Unternehmen "Panzerfaust").[8] Arrow Cross leader Ferenc Szálasi became Prime Minister and, as "Nation Leader", the head of state. During the government's short period of rule, ten to fifteen thousand Jews were murdered in Hungary[9] and around eighty thousand Jews, including many women, children and elderly Jews, were deported from Hungary to their deaths in the Auschwitz concentration camp.[10]

Government of National Unity
Nemzeti Összefogás Kormánya
Coat of arms
Motto: Regnum Mariae Patrona Hungariae[1]
("Kingdom of Mary, the Patron of Hungary")

Ébredj Magyar
("Hungarian Arrow Cross Party Anthem")
Seal of Hungary (1945):
StatusPuppet government of Nazi Germany
Common languagesHungarian
Roman Catholic, Calvinism, Lutheranism
GovernmentHungarist totalitarian one-party dictatorship under Nazi administration
Leader of the Nation 
Ferenc Szálasi
Historical eraWorld War II
15 October 1944
 Government formed
16 October 1944[2]
 Government members fled to Germany
28–29 March 1945[3]
 End of German occupation of Hungary
4 April 1945[4]
 Capture of Szálasi
6 May 1945[5]
7 May 1945[5]
CurrencyHungarian Pengő
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Kingdom of Hungary
Kingdom of Hungary
Soviet occupation of Hungary