Government of Portugal

The Government of Portugal is one of the four sovereignty bodies of the Portuguese Republic, together with the President of the Republic, the Assembly of the Republic and the courts. It is both the body of sovereignty that conducts the general politics of the country and the superior body of the Portuguese public administration.

Government of Portugal
Portuguese: Governo de Portugal
Established24 September 1834; 186 years ago (1834-09-24)
StatePortuguese Republic
LeaderPrime Minister
Appointed byPresident of the Republic
Main organCouncil of Ministers
Responsible toAssembly of the Republic
HeadquartersOfficial Residence of the Prime Minister
Estrela, Lisbon

The Government of Portugal is also referred to as the Government of the Portuguese Republic, the Portuguese Government or simply the Government.

The term "constitutional government" or simply "government" also refers to the team of ministers and its period of management under one Prime Minister. This concept is similar to an "administration" in the parlance of a presidential republic or to an "collective ministry" in the parlance of some Commonwealth countries. Each government in this sense is identified by a roman number, with the present one (formed in October 2019) being the XXII Constitutional Government of Portugal since the establishment of the current democratic regime, in 1976.