Government of Ukraine

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine (Ukrainian: Кабінет Міністрів України, Kabinet ministriv Ukrayiny; shortened to CabMin), commonly referred to as the Government of Ukraine (Ukrainian: Уряд України, Uryad Ukrayiny), is the highest body of state executive power in Ukraine.[2] As Cabinet of Ministers of the Ukrainian SSR, it was formed on 18 April 1991, by the Law of Ukrainian SSR No.980-XII. Vitold Fokin was approved the first Prime Minister of Ukraine.

Government of Ukraine
Ukrainian: Уряд України
Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine
Ukrainian: Кабінет Міністрів України
Government seal
State Ukraine
LeaderPrime Minister
Appointed byUkrainian parliament
(Prime Minister's proposal)
Main organCabinet of Ministers
Responsible toPresident and Parliament
HeadquartersGovernment Building
Hrushevsky Street, Kyiv[1]

The Cabinet is a collegiate body consisting of the Cabinet's "presidium" composed of the Prime Minister of Ukraine and his Vice Prime Ministers as well as other ministers who participate and vote on sessions of the Cabinet. The Prime Minister presides over the Cabinet. Some Vice Prime Ministers may be appointed as the first vice prime ministers. Unlike the Soviet period of the government when presidium was actually a functioning institution, the current government presidium is nominal and vice prime ministers do not have much advantage over other ministers. All government decisions are being voted for and adopted at the sessions of the Cabinet by ministers only or heads of central offices of executive authority with ministerial status. The Secretariat of Cabinet of Ministers ensures the operations of the cabinet, while the National Agency of Ukraine for Civil Service provides human resources of government officials.

The basic unit of government administration in Ukraine is a central office of executive authority (central executive office) which may be granted ministerial status. Each such central office of executive authority is chaired by its head (holova). Many central offices of executive authority without ministerial status may be part of government ministry, while other function separately or support either President of Ukraine or Verkhovna Rada (parliament). Central offices of executive authority without ministerial status are designated either as services, agencies, or inspections. Selected central offices of executive authority are granted a "special status". Only very few central executive offices are designated as funds, committees or otherwise.

The current Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine is the Shmyhal Government that was formed on 4 March 2020, led by Denys Shmyhal.[3]