Victoria State Government

The Victoria State Government, also referred to as just the Victorian Government, is the state-level authority for Victoria, Australia. Like all state governments, it is formed by three independent branches: the executive, the judicial, and the parliament.

Government of Victoria
State Government
Founding documentConstitution of Victoria
State Victoria
Country Australia
Head of state (sovereign)Monarch (Queen)
Vice-regal representativeGovernor
SeatGovernment House
Legislative branch
LegislatureParliament of Victoria
Meeting placeParliament House
Executive branch
Head of governmentPremier
Main bodyCabinet of Victoria
AppointerGovernor on behalf of the Queen of Australia in right of the State of Victoria.
Headquarters1 Treasury Place
Main organExecutive Council of Victoria[1]
Departments9 departments[2]
Judicial branch
CourtSupreme Court
SeatSupreme court building

As a parliamentary constitutional monarchy, the State Government was first formed in 1851 when Victoria first gained the right to responsible government. The Constitution of Australia regulates the relationship between the Victorian Government and the Australian Government, and cedes legislative and judicial supremacy to the federal government on conflicting matters.[3][4]

The Victoria State Government enforces acts passed by the parliament through government departments, statutory authorities, and other public agencies. The Government is formally presided over by the Governor, who exercises executive authority granted by the state's constitution through the Executive Council, a body consisting of senior cabinet ministers. In reality, both the governor and the Executive Council are largely ceremonial, with the premier and ministers having control over policy, appointments, and other executive orders made by the Governor.[5]

The current head of government is Premier Daniel Andrews of the Labor Party, and the current head of state is Governor Linda Dessau.

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