Governor of the Falkland Islands

The Governor of the Falkland Islands is the representative of the British Crown in the Falkland Islands, acting "in Her Majesty's name and on Her Majesty's behalf" as the islands' de facto head of state in the absence of the British monarch. The role and powers of the Governor are set out in Chapter II of the Falkland Islands Constitution. The Governor in office resides at Government House, which serves as the official residence.

Governor of the Falkland Islands
Coat of Arms of the Falkland Islands
Standard of the Governor of the Falkland Islands
Nigel Phillips

since 12 September 2017
StyleHis Excellency
ResidenceGovernment House, Falkland Islands
AppointerMonarch of the United Kingdom
Term lengthAt His/Her Majesty's pleasure
First holderLouis Antoine de Bougainville
as Administrator of the French Settlement
WebsiteOffice of the Governor

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