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The Great Russian Encyclopedia (GRE; Russian: Большая российская энциклопедия, БРЭ, transliterated as Bolshaya rossiyskaya entsiklopediya or academically as Bolšaja rossijskaja enciklopedija) is a universal Russian encyclopedia, completed in 36 volumes, published between 2004 and 2017 by Great Russian Encyclopedia, JSC (Russian: Большая Российская энциклопедия ПАО, transliterated as Bolshaya Rossiyskaya Entsiklopediya PAO). It is released under the auspices of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) after President Vladimir Putin signed a presidential decree №1156 in 2002.[1] The complete edition was released by 2017.[2]

Great Russian Encyclopedia
AuthorVarious contributors
GenreReference encyclopaedia
PublisherGreat Russian Encyclopedia
Publication date
PagesVolume "Russia" – 1008, other volumes – on average 768
Great Russian Encyclopedia in Vilnius University Library

The chief editor of the encyclopedia is Yury Osipov, the president of the RAS. The editorial board has more than 80 RAS members, including the Nobel Prize laureates Zhores Alferov and Vitaly Ginzburg.[1]

The first, introductory volume, released in 2004, is dedicated to Russia. Thirty-five volumes were released between 2005 and 2017, covering the range from "A" to "Яя" (Yaya).[3] The RAS plans to publish an updated version every five years, although it may not be issued in print after the first edition.

The encyclopedia was sponsored by the government with the explicit goal of replacing Wikipedia.[4][5]