Greater London Authority Act 1999

Greater London Authority Act 1999

United Kingdom legislation

The Greater London Authority Act 1999 (c. 29) is the Act of Parliament that established the Greater London Authority, the London Assembly and the Mayor of London.

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The Act was brought in after a referendum was held under the Greater London Authority (Referendum) Act 1998 (c. 3). The referendum question was: 'Are you in favour of the Government's proposals for a Greater London Authority, made up of an elected mayor and a separately elected assembly?' The Yes vote was 72.01%, the No vote was 27.99%.


Apart from the main provisions creating the authority and transferring powers to it, the Act also created a Metropolitan Police Authority for the Metropolitan Police Service, and consequently altered the borders of the Metropolitan Police District to be coterminous with Greater London (excluding the City, which has its own police force).

The Act comprises 425 Sections in 12 Parts including 22 named Chapters and 34 Schedules. It was the longest Act to be passed by Parliament since the Government of India Act 1935.[1] Its 12 Parts were:

  • Part I The Greater London Authority - Sections 1 to 29
  • Part II General Functions and Procedure - Sections 30 to 80
  • Part III Financial Provisions - Sections 81 to 140
  • Part IV Transport - Sections 141 to 303
  • Part V The London Development Agency - Sections 304 to 309
  • Part VI Police and Probation Services - Sections 310 to 327
  • Part VII The London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority - Sections 328 to 333
  • Part VIII Planning - Sections 334 to 350
  • Part IX Environmental Functions - Sections 351 to 374
  • Part X Culture, Media and Sport - Sections 375 to 386
  • Part XI Miscellaneous and General Provisions - Sections 387 to 404
  • Part XII Supplementary Provisions - Sections 405 to 425


The Act was amended by the Greater London Authority Act 2007 (2007 c. 24)[2] entitled 'An Act to make further provision with respect to the Greater London Authority; to amend the Greater London Authority Act 1999; to make further provision with respect to the functional bodies, within the meaning of that Act, and the Museum of London; and for connected purposes.'


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