Greater Poland uprising (1848)

The Greater Poland uprising of 1848 or Poznań Uprising (Polish: powstanie wielkopolskie 1848 roku or powstanie poznańskie) was an unsuccessful military insurrection of Poles against Prussian forces, during the Spring of Nations period. While the main fighting was concentrated in the Greater Poland region, fights also occurred in other part of the Prussian Partition of Poland, and protests were held in Polish inhabited regions of Silesia.

Greater Poland uprising 1848
Part of the Revolutions of 1848

Battle at Miłosław, 1868 painting by Juliusz Kossak.
DateMarch 1848May 1848
Result Prussian victory - Autonomy of Grand Duchy of Posen removed, Posen transformed into the Province of Posen

Polish independence movement

  • Polish militia and peasant guerrillas

 Kingdom of Prussia

Commanders and leaders
Ludwik Mierosławski Friedrich August Peter von Colomb
initially 20,000.[4] demobilized to 4,000–5,000 before the start of the Prussian attack.[1] initially 30,000, later reinforced to 40,000
Casualties and losses
640 killed about 500 killed

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