Gulf of Cádiz

The Gulf of Cadiz (Spanish: Golfo de Cádiz, Portuguese: Golfo de Cádis) is the arm of the Atlantic Ocean between Cabo de Santa Maria, the southernmost point of Mainland Portugal and Cape Trafalgar at the western end of the Strait of Gibraltar. Two major rivers, the Guadalquivir and the Guadiana, as well as smaller rivers, like the Odiel, the Tinto, and the Guadalete, reach the ocean here.

Map showing the Gulf of Cádiz.
A satellite image of the Gulf of Cádiz.
Map showing the Gulf of Cádiz and surrounding area.

The Gulf of Cadiz is located in the north-eastern Atlantic Ocean between 34°N and 37°15′N and 6°W to 9°45′W.[1] It is enclosed by the southern Iberian and northern Moroccan margins, west of Strait of Gibraltar.[1]