Bro Gwened

Gwened, Bro-Gwened (Standard Breton: Bro-Wened) or Vannetais (French: Pays Vannetais) is a historic realm and county of Brittany in France. It is considered part of Lower Brittany.[1]

A French map of the traditional regions of Brittany in Ancient RĂ©gime France. Bro Gwened is marked in shades of purple.
The flag of the former realm.
The flag of the former county.

Bro-Gwened was an early medieval principality or kingdom around Vannes in Armorica (Brittany), lasting from around AD 490 to around 635. It was peopled by Christianized Britons fleeing the Saxon invasions of Britain, who displaced or assimilated the remaining pagan Veneti Gauls. Its bishop and (usually) court was at Gwened, the site of the former Roman settlement of Darioritum and the present French city of Vannes.

Today its territories are included within the modern French department of Morbihan.

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