Hamza, Iraq

Hamza (Arabic: الحمزة) is a city in Hamza District, Al-Qādisiyyah Governorate, Iraq. It is located about 25 km south of Al Diwaniyah and 175 km south of Baghdad on the Diwaniya Channel branch of the Euphrates). Its name is attributed to Bahraini Shia cleric "Ahmad Ibn Hashim Al-Ghurifi" (a.k.a. Hamza), who was killed and buried in the region, whose shrine resides in the city.[1] It is predominantly Shia Arab. The main tribes are Jubur, Khazali, Salameh, Aerdh, and Alakra.[2]

31°44′02″N 45°00′31″E
Arabic: الحمزة
Hamza is located in Iraq
Hamza's location inside Iraq
Coordinates: 31.724332°N 44.976676°E / 31.724332; 44.976676
Country Iraq
  Summer (DST)+3
Area code+964

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