Harvard Divinity School

Harvard Divinity School (HDS) is one of the constituent schools of Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The school's mission is to educate its students either in the academic study of religion or for leadership roles in religion, government, and service.[2] It also caters to students from other Harvard schools that are interested in the former field. HDS is among a small group of university-based, non-denominational divinity schools in the United States (others include University of Chicago Divinity School, Yale Divinity School, Vanderbilt University Divinity School, and Wake Forest University School of Divinity).

Harvard Divinity School
Coat of arms
TypePrivate nonprofit divinity school
Parent institution
Harvard University
AffiliationBoston Theological Interreligious Consortium
DeanDavid N. Hempton
Academic staff
Location, ,
United States


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