Helen Love

Helen Love are an indie band from Wales whose music is a combination of punk rock, bubblegum pop and disco dance music. The band was formed in 1992 by Helen Love (vocals, guitar) with Sheena (guitar, keyboards), Roxy (bass, drum machine), and Mark (keyboards).[1] Current members are Helen, Sheena and Ricardo Autobahn.[2]

Helen Love
Background information
GenresPop punk, bubblegum pop, dance-rock, happy hardcore
Years active1992–present
LabelsDamaged Goods (1993–1997; 2001–2002)
Ché Trading (1997–2000)
Elefant Records (2005–2015) Alcopop! Records (2015–present)
MembersHelen Love
Ricardo Autobahn
Past membersRoxy

Helen Love released only singles and EPs until 2000, when their debut studio album Love and Glitter, Hot Days and Music was released. They have since released three more studio albums, It's My Club and I'll Play What I Want To (2007, Elefant) and Day-Glo Dreams (2013, Elefant), and Smash Hits (2016, Alcopop! Records).[3] Damaged Goods released three compilations of tracks from the band's early singles and EPs, entitled Radio Hits (1994), Radio Hits 2 (1997) and Radio Hits 3 (2002).

The band have released recordings on many labels, including Damaged Goods, Che Trading, Sympathy for the Record Industry, Wurlizter Jukebox, Invicta Hi-Fi and Elefant Records. They are currently signed to Alcopop! records.[4]