Helvig of Schleswig

Helvig of Schleswig (also erroneously Hedwig; 1320–1374) was the queen of Denmark as the spouse of King Valdemar IV. She was the mother of Queen Margaret I of Denmark.

Helvig of Schleswig
Queen Helvig shown on a contemporary fresco in St. Peter's Church, Næstved (Sankt Peders Kirke).
Queen consort of Denmark
Esrum Abbey
SpouseValdemar IV of Denmark
among others...
Christopher, Duke of Lolland
Ingeborg, Duchess of Mecklenburg
Margaret I, Queen of Denmark
HouseEstridsen (Abelslægten line)
FatherEric II, Duke of Schleswig
MotherAdelaide of Holstein-Rendsburg
ReligionRoman Catholicism

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