Henry II, Count of Louvain

Henry II (Dutch: Hendrik, French: Henri) was the count of Louvain (Leuven) from 1054 through 1071 (?). Henry II was the son of Lambert II, Count of Louvain and Oda of Verdun. His maternal uncles included Pope Stephen IX and Duke Godfrey the Bearded of Lorraine.[1]

Henry II
Count of Louvain
Count of Brussels
Bornc. 1020
Noble familyHouse of Reginar
IssueHenry III, Count of Louvain
Godfrey I, Count of Louvain
Albero I of Louvain, Prince-Bishop of Liège
FatherLambert II, Count of Louvain
MotherOda of Verdun

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