Hersfeld Abbey

Hersfeld Abbey was an important Benedictine imperial abbey in the town of Bad Hersfeld in Hesse (formerly in Hesse-Nassau), Germany, at the confluence of the rivers Geisa, Haune and Fulda. The ruins are now a medieval festival venue.

Territorium Abbatæ Heresfeldensis, 1645
Border stone of Hersfeld Abbey on the old Werra bridge between Philippsthal and Vacha
Imperial Abbey of Hersfeld
Reichsabtei Hersfeld
775–1606 (de facto)
775–1648 (de jure)
Coat of arms of Hersfeld Abbey
Coat of arms
Hersfeld Abbey: church ruins
Hersfeld Abbey: church ruins
StatusImperial Abbey
CapitalHersfeld Abbey
Historical eraMiddle Ages
 Founded by Saint Boniface
 Granted Imperial immediacy
    by Charlemagne
 City of Hersfeld placed
    itself under Hessian protection

 Forced union with Fulda
 Abbot Krato swore allegiance
    to Lutheran Hesse

 Otto, Prince of Hesse, elected
    lay administrator

 Secularised to Hesse-Kassel
    by Peace of Westphalia
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Fulda monastery
Landgraviate of Hesse-Kassel
Today part ofGermany

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