Heung Yee Kuk (constituency)

The Heung Yee Kuk functional constituency, formerly called the Rural functional constituency, is a functional constituency in the elections for the Legislative Council of Hong Kong first created in 1991. The constituency is composed of the chairman and vice chairmen of the Heung Yee Kuk and the ex officio, special and co-opted councillors of the full Council of the Kuk.[2] One of the functional constituencies with the fewest electorates, it had only 155 registered voters in 2020.[3] It corresponds to the Heung Yee Kuk Subsector in the Election Committee.

Heung Yee Kuk
Functional Constituency
for the Legislative Council of Hong Kong
Country Hong Kong
Electorate155 (2020)[1]
Current constituency
Number of membersOne
Member(s)Kenneth Lau (BPA)
Heung Yee Kuk
Traditional Chinese鄕議局功能界別
Simplified Chinese鄕议局功能界别

Since the 2016 Legislative Council election, it has been represented by the chairman of the Kuk, Kenneth Lau, succeeding his father, former longtime Kuk chairman Lau Wong-fat who held the seat from 1991 to 2004 and from 2008 until he stepped down in 2016 due to his absence from the office because of ill health. Lau Wong-fat's tenure was interrupted when he represented the District Council functional constituency from 2004 to 2008 while Kuk vice chairman Lam Wai-keung took the seat in his place. No actual election has been held since its creation as all candidates have been uncontested.