Hispanic America

Hispanic America (Spanish: Hispanoamérica or América Hispana) (also known as Spanish America (Spanish: América española)) is the portion of the Americas comprising the Spanish-speaking countries of North, Central, and South America.[1][2] In all of these countries, Spanish is the main language, sometimes sharing official status with one or more indigenous languages (such as Guaraní, Quechua, Aymara, or Mayan), or English (in Puerto Rico)[3] and Roman Catholicism is the predominant religion.[4]

Map of countries that make up Hispanic America in green

Hispanic America is sometimes grouped together with Brazil under the term "Ibero-America", meaning those countries in the Americas with cultural roots in the Iberian Peninsula.[5] Hispanic America also contrasts with Latin America, which includes not only Hispanic America, but also Brazil (the former Portuguese America), as well as the former French colonies in the Western Hemisphere (areas that are now in either the United States or Canada are usually excluded).[6]