Holocaust denial

Holocaust denial is an antisemitic conspiracy theory[1][2] that asserts that the Nazi genocide of Jews, known as "the Holocaust", is a myth or fabrication.[3][4][5] Holocaust deniers make one or more of the following false statements:[6][7][8]

The methodologies of Holocaust deniers are based on a predetermined conclusion that ignores overwhelming historical evidence to the contrary.[10] Scholars use the term denial to describe the views and methodology of Holocaust deniers in order to distinguish them from legitimate historical revisionists, who challenge orthodox interpretations of history using established historical methodologies.[11] Holocaust deniers generally do not accept denial as an appropriate description of their activities and use the euphemism revisionism instead.[12] In some former Eastern Bloc countries, Holocaust deniers do not deny the mass murder of Jews, but deny the participation of their own nationals in the Holocaust.[13] In 2019, the Holocaust Remembrance Project Report highlighted this form of denial which they described as "revisionism". They picked out Hungary, Poland, Croatia and Lithuania as the worst offenders.[14]

Holocaust denial is considered a serious societal problem in many places where it occurs and is illegal in several European countries and Israel.