Holyrood (magazine)

Holyrood is a fortnightly current affairs and politics magazine. Created following the advent of devolution in the UK in 1999 the magazine provides coverage of the goings on at the Scottish Parliament, as well as interviews with leading political figures. A politically independent publication, the magazine claims to be strictly objective in its editorial. Holyrood Communications also organises events, such as policy conferences.


The magazine was originally owned by Parliamentary Communications, then in 2002 was bought out by Holyrood Communications.[1] Dods acquired Holyrood Communications in 2012.[2] Dods were hoping to benefit from the increased political activity that was expected in Scotland in the following two years.[3] In December 2015 the Holyrood Communications staff moved into new premises at Panmure Court on Calton Road.[4]

Some of the interviews published by the magazine have had a high profile.[5]


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