Hong Kong dollar

The Hong Kong dollar (Chinese: 港元, sign: HK$; code: HKD) is the official currency of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China. It is subdivided into 100 cents or 1000 mils. The Hong Kong Monetary Authority is the monetary authority of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong dollar.

Hong Kong dollar
港元 (Chinese)
Hong Kong dollar (English)
ISO 4217
110 (hòu) (Chinese)
1100 (sīn) (Chinese)
cent (English)
11000 (mènh) (Chinese)
mil (English)
Pluraldollars (English only)
(sīn) (Chinese)
cent (English)
cents (English only)
(mènh) (Chinese)
mil (English)
mils (English only)
Symbol"$", "HK$" or "元"
(sīn) (Chinese)
cent (English)
(mènh) (Chinese)
mil (English)
Freq. usedHK$10, HK$20, HK$50, HK$100, HK$500
Rarely usedHK$1,000
Freq. used10¢, 20¢, 50¢, HK$1, HK$2, HK$5
Rarely usedHK$10 (still minted)
Official user(s) Hong Kong
Unofficial user(s) Macau (alongside with Macanese Pataca)
Monetary authorityHong Kong Monetary Authority
PrinterIssuing banks and authority:

Government of Hong-Kong
Bank of China
Standard Chartered

Hong Kong Note Printing
Inflation1.7%[1], Jan 2018 est.
Pegged withUS dollar (USD)[2]
$1 USD = HK$7.80±0.05
Pegged byMacau pataca (MOP$)
HK$1 = MOP$1.03
Hong Kong dollar
Cantonese YaleGóng yùn
Literal meaning(Hong) Kong dollar
Alternative Chinese name
Traditional Chinese港幣
Simplified Chinese港币
Cantonese YaleGóng bàih

Under the license from the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, three commercial banks are licensed to issue their own banknotes for general circulation in Hong Kong. The three commercial banks, HSBC, Bank of China and Standard Chartered, issue their own designs of banknotes in denominations of HK$20, HK$50, HK$100, HK$500 and HK$1000, with all designs being similar to one another in the same denomination of banknote. However, the HK$10 banknote and all coins are issued by the Government of Hong Kong.

As of April 2019, the Hong Kong dollar is the ninth most traded currency in the world.[3] Hong Kong uses a linked exchange rate system, trading since May 2005 in the range US$1:HK$7.75–7.85.

Apart from its use in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong dollar is also used in neighbouring Macau. It is pegged at 1 Hong Kong dollar to 1.03 Macanese patacas, and is generally accepted at par or MOP 1.00 for retail purchases.[4]