House of Awakened Culture

The House of Awakened Culture (Lushootseed: sgwәdzadad qәɫ ʔaltxw) is a community house in Suquamish, Washington State, on the Port Madison Indian Reservation. Built by the Suquamish tribe in 2008, it acts as a spiritual successor to the historic Old Man House, which was burnt by the local Indian agent in 1870 in an attempt to disperse the tribe. Since its opening in 2009, the house has served as a community center for the Suquamish tribe and the community.[1]

House of Awakened Culture
sgwәdzadad qәɫ ʔaltxw
General information
LocationSuquamish, Washington U.S.
OpenedFebruary 28, 2009
OwnerSuquamish Tribe
Technical details
Floor area13,169 sq ft
Design and construction

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