Kyburg family

The Kyburg family (/ˈkbɜːrɡ/; German: [ˈkyːbʊʁk]; also Kiburg) was a noble family of grafen (counts) in the Duchy of Swabia, a cadet line of the counts of Dillingen, who in the late 12th and early 13th centuries ruled the County of Kyburg, corresponding to much of what is now Northeastern Switzerland.


Coat of arms (mid 13th century)[1]
Parent houseDillingen
CountryDuchy of Swabia
FounderHartmann III von Kyburg
Final rulerHartmann IV von Kyburg
TitlesCount of Kyburg
Estate(s)County of Kyburg

The family was one of the four most powerful noble families in the Swiss plateau (beside the House of Habsburg, the House of Zähringen and the House of Savoy) during the 12th century. With the extinction of the Kyburg family's male line in 1264, Rudolph of Habsburg laid claim to the Kyburg lands and annexed them to the Habsburg holdings, establishing the line of "Neu-Kyburg", which was in turn extinct in 1417.

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