Hugh of Italy

Hugh (c. 880–947), known as Hugh of Arles or Hugh of Provence, was the king of Italy from 926 until his death. He belonged to the Bosonid family. During his reign, he empowered his relatives at the expense of the aristocracy and tried to establish a relationship with the Byzantine Empire. He had success in defending the realm from external enemies, but his domestic habits and policies created many internal foes and he was removed from power before his death.

Hugh as depicted in the 12th-century cartulary of San Clemente Abbey
King of Italy
Reign926 – 947
SuccessorLothair II
Arles, Kingdom of Provence
Died10 April 947 (aged 66–67)
Arles, Kingdom of Provence
FatherTheobald, Count of Arles
MotherBertha of Lotharingia
ReligionRoman Catholicism