Hulu (/ˈhl/) is an American subscription streaming service majority-owned by The Walt Disney Company, with Comcast’s NBCUniversal holding a minority stake. Launched on October 29, 2007, it offers a library of films and television series from networks such as ABC, Freeform, or FX Networks among others, as well as Hulu original programming.

Hulu, LLC
Type of businessSubsidiary
Type of site
OTT video streaming platform
Area servedUnited States
ParentDisney Media and Entertainment Distribution
Users 45.6 million (as of April 2, 2022)
LaunchedOctober 29, 2007; 14 years ago (October 29, 2007)
Current statusActive

Hulu was initially established as a joint venture between News Corporation and NBC Universal, Providence Equity Partners, and later The Walt Disney Company, serving as an aggregation of recent episodes of television series from their respective television networks. In 2010, Hulu became the first streaming service to add "Plus" to its name when it launched a subscription service, initially branded as Hulu Plus, which featured full seasons of programs from the companies and other partners, and undelayed access to new episodes.[2] In 2017, the company launched Hulu with Live TV—an over-the-top live TV service featuring linear television channels.

As of April 2, 2022, Hulu has a total of 45.6 million subscribers.[3]

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