Hungary–Indonesia relations

Hungary and Indonesia established diplomatic relations in 1955. A Hungarian embassy was opened in Jakarta in 1957.[1] In line to Hungarian "Eastern Opening" policy,[2] and due to Indonesian political weight and market potentials, Hungary considered Indonesia as one of the most influential states in the ASEAN. While Indonesia sees Hungary as a potential market and a strategic entrance to penetrate the markets of Central Europe and Eastern Europe.[3] Hungary has an embassy in Jakarta and honorary consuls in Bandung and Denpasar, while Indonesia has an embassy in Budapest.

Hungary–Indonesia relations



Country comparison

Official nameHungary (Magyarország)Republic of Indonesia (Republik Indonesia)
Coat of Arms or
Population 9,771,000 273,523,615
Area 93,028 km2 (35,919 sq mi) 1,904,569 km2 (735,358 sq mi)
Population Density 105.9/km2 (274.3/sq mi) 124.66/km2 (322.9/sq mi)
Government Unitary parliamentary constitutional republic Unitary presidential constitutional republic
Capital Budapest – 1,759,407 (2,524,697 Metro) Jakarta– 10,135,030 (30,214,303 Metro)
Largest City
Official language Hungarian (de facto and de jure) Indonesian
Main religions 38.9% Catholicism (Roman, Greek), 13.8% Protestantism (Reformed, Evangelical), 0.2% Orthodox, 0.1% Jewish, 1.7% other, 16.7% Non-religious, 1.5% Atheism, 27.2% undeclared 87.2% Islam, 9.9% Christianity, 1.7% Hinduism, 1.7% Buddhism, 0.2% Confucianism; and others
Ethnic groups 83.7% Hungarian, 3.1% Roma, 1.3% German; 14.7% not declared Javanese 40.1%, Sundanese 15.5%, Malay 3.7%, Batak 3.6%, Madurese 3%, Betawi 2.9%, Minangkabau 2.7%, Buginese 2.7%, Bantenese 2%, Banjarese 1.7%, Balinese 1.7%, Acehnese 1.4%, Dayak 1.4%, Sasak 1.3%, Chinese 1.2%, other 15%
GDP (nominal) $132.683 billion, $13,487 per capita $936.955 billion, $3,620 per capita
External debt (nominal) $202.000 billion (2012 Q4) – 115 % of GDP $324.203 billion (2016 Q2) – 36.77 % of GDP
GDP (PPP) $265.037 billion, $26,941 per capita $3,010.000 billion, $11,633 per capita
Currency Hungarian forint (Ft) – HUF Indonesian rupiah (Rp) – IDR
Human Development Index 0.828 (very high) 0.684 (medium)
Expatriate populations 3.3 million Hungarians 8 million Indonesians

High level visit

First President of Indonesia, Soekarno, visit Hungary for the first time in 1960.[4] In September 2002, Indonesian President Megawati Soekarnoputri visited Hungary. While Hungarian Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány paid a state visit to Indonesia in July 2005.[1] In 6–7 March 2013, Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono paid a state visit to Hungary.[3]

Trade and investment

The Hungarian–Indonesian Joint Commission on Bilateral Economic Cooperation (JCEC) was established in 1988. Since then, the bilateral trade volume was fluctuated over the years. The bilateral trade grew from US$37 million in 1993 to US$216 million in 2003. However it was declining in 2004 by US$126.3 million, US$124.8 million in 2005, US$101.9 million in 2006, and US$114.9 million in 2007.[5] In 2010, the bilateral trade volume reached US$220.83 million, and it rose to US$438.34 million in 2011. However, the economic slowdown that hit Europe caused the trade to slump into US$183.5 million for the period of January - October 2012. Currently Hungary is Indonesia's 4th biggest trading partners in Eastern and Central Europe.[3]

Indonesian export to Hungary includes rubber and its products, textile, footwear, palm oil, spices, leather, rattan, plastics and handicrafts. While Hungarian export to Indonesia are pharmaceuticals, chemicals, electric, electronic and optical products, power engineering equipments and machinery.[5]

Hungary's investment in Indonesia was valued US$400 thousands in the period between 1999 and 2009, and today increased into US$590 thousands, in five projects.[3]


Other than trade and investment, the bilateral cooperation are expanded to various sectors, includes cultural exchanges and education, information, technology and engineering, as well as water management, environment and healthcare.[2]

Resident diplomatic missions

Of Hungary in Indonesia
Of Indonesia in Hungary


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