Hungary–Sweden relations

Hungary–Sweden relations are foreign relations between Hungary and Sweden. Sweden has an embassy in Budapest. Diplomacy relations between the two countries started on 28 December 1945. These relations developed to a higher ambassador level. In Stockholm there is a Hungarian embassy. Both countries are members of the European Union and Council of Europe.

Hungary–Sweden relations




Raoul Wallenberg between July and December 1944 issued protective passports and housed Jews, saving tens of thousands of Jewish lives in Hungary from the Swedish embassy.[1][2]

The King of Sweden visited in October 1996. Björn von Sydow, who was the Swedish defence minister in Göran Persson's government between 1997 and 2002 took a formal visit in Budapest in 1996.[citation needed]

Anna Lindh, the Swedish Minister for Foreign Affairs, was murdered in Stockholm, and the Hungarian Ministry for Foreign Affairs's honored her with a memorial on 28 May 2004 in Budapest's City Park.

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