Hygiainon or Hygiaenon (Ancient Greek: Ὑγιαίνοντ) was an Archon of the Bosporan Kingdom after his predecessor, Leukon II, was slain by his wife Alkathoe in c. 220 BC. Although he was not part of the Spartocids, he seems to have been a supporter of Kamasarye, then heiress and queen of the Bosporan Kingdom. He is said to have been an eminent member of the aristocracy, and backed the unmarried Kamasarye, who would later marry her cousin Paerisades III.[1]

Coin of Hygiainon
Archon of the Bosporan Kingdom
Reigncirca. 220 BC
PredecessorLeukon II
SuccessorSpartokos V
Bosporan Kingdom
DiedBosporan Kingdom
ReligionGreek Polytheism

He was archon in the short time that Kamasarye was without husband, as Paerisades III was the son of Spartokos IV's brother and did not have a direct claim to the throne. His coinage does not show him with a diadem, but may hint at military success.[2]