World Rugby Rankings

The World Rugby Rankings (formerly the IRB Rankings) is a ranking system for national teams in rugby union, managed by World Rugby, the sport's governing body. There are separate men's and women's rankings. The teams of World Rugby's member nations are ranked based on their game results, with the most successful teams being ranked highest. A point system is used, with points being awarded on the basis of the results of World Rugby-recognized international matches. Rankings are based on the team's performance, with more recent results and more significant matches being more heavily weighted to help reflect the current competitive state of a team. The men's ranking system was introduced the month before the 2003 Rugby World Cup, with the first new rankings issued on 8 September 2003.[2]

Top 30 as of 6 December 2021[1]
1  South Africa090.61
2  New Zealand088.75
3  England087.83
4  Ireland086.53
5  France085.53
6  Australia083.92
7  Scotland083.05
8  Wales081.56
9  Argentina080.58
10  Japan078.26
11  Fiji076.62
12  Georgia073.72
13  Samoa073.59
14  Italy070.51
15  Romania067.91
16  Tonga067.72
17  United States066.54
18  Uruguay066.40
19  Portugal065.84
20  Spain065.42
21  Canada061.80
23  Hong Kong061.23
23  Chile059.88
24  Namibia059.72
25  Russia058.60
25  Netherlands057.60
27  Belgium054.86
28  Poland053.81
29  Brazil054.76
30  Germany053.15
* Change from the previous week

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