ISC Kosmotras

The International Space Company Kosmotras or ISC Kosmotras (Russian: ЗАО Международная космическая компания “Космотрас”[1]) is a joint project, between Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan, established in 1997. It developed and now operates a commercial expendable launch system using the Dnepr rocket. The Dnepr is a converted decommissioned SS-18 ICBM. ISC Kosmotras conducts Dnepr launches from Baikonur Cosmodrome and Yasny launch base in Dombarovskiy, Russia.[2]

ISC Kosmotras
TypeJoint stock company
IndustryCommercial spaceflight

In February 2015, following a year of strained relations as a result of a Russian military intervention into Ukraine, Russia announced that it would sever its "joint program with Ukraine to launch Dnepr rockets".[3] ISC Kosmotras said it would honor its remaining launch contracts.[4] Of the three launches planned for 2015, only one took place. As of 2016, it appears ISC Kosmotras no longer has customers, and thus whether the company is operational or not is uncertain.

In May 2017, ISC Kosmotras formed a joint venture with Glavkosmos named GK Launch Services, which aims to conduct commercial rideshare launches using the Soyuz-2 launch vehicle.[5][6] The company conducted its first fully-commercial launch on 22 March 2021.[7]

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