ISRO spinoffs technologies

ISRO spinoff technologies are commercial products and services which have been developed with the help of ISRO, through research and development, licensing of ISRO patents, use of ISRO facilities, technical assistance from ISRO personnel, or data from ISRO research. So far 300 technologies have been transferred to Indian industries and licensee industries to manufacture and market the products.[1] New Space India Limited was set up to market spin-off technologies and products and services both in India and abroad.[2] Antrix Corporation was also established on September 1992 to commercialize space products.


Below are spin-off Products developed by ISRO.[3][4]


ISRO has developed various structural and non-structural adhesives. silicon based, polyurethane elastomers and acrylic based adhesives are Non-structural. Epoxy resins, phenol based and rubber based adhesives using chloroprene and neoprene are Structural. These adhesives can be used in automobile and other engineering industries.

Thermal barrier

Unnamed thermal barrier used in cryogenic fuel tanks made up of hydrophobic silica aerogel has low thermal conductivity, density and high specific surface area. It can be used as thermal insulator to manufacture winter clothes and boots of solders stationed in extremely cold region.[5]

Left ventricular assist device

Using lightweight rocket material, ISRO has developed low-cost heart pump that assists the human heart to pump blood especially in cases where the left ventricle starts to fail. It is made up of special alloy of titanium the device which is ‘bio-compatible’ and can pump 3-5 litres of blood every minute. This heart assist device has been experimented with animals and found to be successful.[6]


  • Distress Alert Transmitter (DAT)
  • NavIC messaging receiver
  • MSS type-C reporting terminal for automated train tracking
  • TRISP power module[7]
  • Endoscopic Catheter Mounted Impedance Probe to Assess Mucosal Health.
  • Capacitive Sensor to detect malignancy in Leukocytes
  • ISRO smart limb: low-cost bionic limb for amputees.
  • Artificial Polyurethane Foot
  • Fire Extinguishing Powders
  • PARAS-3D (Parallel Aerodynamic Simulator) Software
  • Search and Rescue Beacon
  • IGiS: Indigenous Geographic and Image Processing Software package
  • Automatic Weather Station
  • Silica Cloth (ISROSIL)
  • CASPOL: Fire retardant coating
  • DTH Based Disaster Warning system (DWS)
  • Sliprings
  • Agrophotometer
  • Pedclean
  • Pressure Transducers
  • Ultrasonic Liquid Level Sensor
  • Fibre Optic Liquid Level Sensor
  • Dual Polarization LIDAR- DPL
  • Lower Atmospheric Wind Profiler-LAWP
  • Precision Tapping Attachment
  • Photosynthesis Irradiance incubation (PI) Box
  • Ground Penetration Radars
  • Digital Holographic Testing Machine
  • Artificial Denture Material-ACRAMID
  • Doppler Weather Radar (DWR)
  • Phantom Connectivity
  • QPad Mobile GIS-GPS Software
  • Vibration Management Solution
  • Elastomagnetic Abrasive Spheres for Fine Finishing

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