Imperial British Conservative Party

The Imperial British Conservative Party was a farcical political party founded by The Wizard of New Zealand in 1974. It stood for the traditions of British Imperialism in the face of capitalism, globalisation and the distinct lack of culture in Christchurch, New Zealand.[1] It was still operating in 1984, though news reports also referred to it as The Wizard Party.[2]

Activity in Australia

The Imperial British Conservative Party also had a presence in Australia, especially during the republican debate of the 1990s. One of its candidates, Cecil G. Murgatroyd, had run for parliament in several Australian federal elections, at each time standing against the Prime Minister (initially Bob Hawke). In official statements, Murgatroyd listed his occupation as "dole bludger". At other times, Murgatroyd stood under the banner of another New Zealand joke party, the McGillicuddy Serious Party.

In one Australian election in the 1980s, the party promised to dye the Speaker's wig a conservative blue.


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