Imperial Regalia of Brazil

The Jewels of the Empire of Brazil were the official ornaments and regalia worn by the Emperor of Brazil during the Brazilian monarchical period.[1] They were used by the Brazilian Imperial Family until 1889, among them the famous Crown of Dom Pedro II. Part of the jewels are on display at the National Museum of Brazil in Rio de Janeiro, and others have been at the Imperial Museum of Brazil in Petrópolis since 1943. Some are also in Brasília.

Imperial Crown of Brazil.

They were used in the ceremonies of Acclamation and Coronation of the emperors of Brazil, they were also used in the two solemn sessions of Opening and Closing of the General Assembly. Part of the regalia are the Crown of Pedro I, the Imperial Scepter, the Majestic Robes, the Sword of Ipiranga, and the Empire Medals, all kept in Brazilian territory.

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